Whitetail Deer Hunts in South Texas

Trophy Whitetails and the hunting experience of South Texas are what we’re all about. If you’re looking for a trophy deer hunt in the heart of the Texas brushcountry, you’ve come to the right place. Our number one goal is to make your Whitetail hunt the best possible experience and ensure you go home with the trophy of a lifetime.

Hunters of all types are at home at Santa Margarita. Trophy animals range from 140-200″+ and groups of all sizes can be accommodated. Whether you come on your own, a family, a corporate group, or anything in between, SMR is built to make your South Texas Deer hunt the best it can be.

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With 15+ permanent archery setups in ground blinds, tripods and treestands, we are fully set up for your South Texas bowhunt.


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South Texas Whitetail Hunt

Whitetail Hunts Price List

< 139"2,000
140 - 1494,250
150 - 1595,000
160 - 1696,500
170 - 1797,500
180 - 1898,500
190 - 19910,500
200 - 20913,500
210 - 21915,500
220 - 22917,500
230" +price on request
+ $250 per person daily fee

Whitetail Hunts in the Golden Triangle of South Texas

For a hunter, Whitetail Deer are completely unique.  No other animal offers the diversity of antler shapes and characteristics you can see in a trophy Whitetail.  When you visit us, you will see everything from symmetrical bowl shaped frames to wide heavy frames and drop tines.  Of course, you will also see deer that are just plain big.  We believe it is the combination of antler size and variety that creates the “buck fever” so unique to Whitetail Deer.  That is the reason Whitetail deer have always been SMR’s primary focus. The ranch location itself was chosen for the native South Texas brush and the quality of deer that habitat produces.  This “Golden Triangle,” as it has come to be called, is typically described as the 5 counties of Maverick, Zavala, Dimmit, Webb and La Salle. For hunters seeking the ultimate South Texas Whitetail hunt, the area home to Santa Margarita has gained a reputation as a proven hotspot for producing giant trophy bucks. This natural quality continues to improve with the decades-long management efforts on the ranch.

By managing both habitat and deer numbers, we qualify for a Level 3 Managed Lands Permit from Texas Parks & Wildlife (MLD Program).  This permit allows us a generous hunting season, running from October 1 to February 28.  Most Whitetail hunters choose to join us between Thanksgiving and early January to take advantage of the peak pre-rut, rut and post-rut periods.