Black Wildebeest Hunts in Texas

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SMR offers guided hunts for Black Wildebeest year around on the ranch in South Texas. They are one of our most established herds. As anyone who has hunted them knows, Black Wildebeest are always on the move and tireless runners. Catching up with a trophy bull undetected can be a great challenge, but the trophy from a sucessful hunt is second to none.

Black Wildebeest hunts at SMR are typically done spot-and-stalk, but stand hunting options are available for both rifle hunts and bow hunts.

For those seeking to hunt Black Wildebeest in Texas there are few opportunities and far less than for Blue Wildebeest. SMR is one of very few outfitters with a full herd of reproducing Black Wildebeest in Texas. Trophy quality is excellent and hunters have taken SCI Record Book Gold Medal bulls.

Black Wildebeest hunt trophy fee: $12,000

To make your hunt a Texas Wildebeest Slam, see our page about Blue Wildebeest hunts.

Black Wildebeest at SMR


Black Wildebeest Hunts at SMR

Black Wildebeest


alternate names: White-tailed Gnu
genus / species / subspecies: connochaetes / gnou / none


origin: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia (introduced)
conservation status: Least Concern (LC)


adult weight: 250-400 lbs.
adult shoulder height: 36-48”
life span: 16-18 years


age of sexual maturity:
1.5-2.5 years (females)
3 years (males)

gestation period: 8 months
first calf born at: 2.5 years old
young at birth: 1

Hunt Trophy

age to possible trophy size: 2.5 years (grows rapidly)
which sexes have horns: male and female
how to ID a trophy: horns of bulls are thicker and heavier

Black Wildebeest Facts

  • The Gnu Name

    Wildebeest are sometimes called Gnus. The origin of this name comes from the Wildebeest's loud nasal call.

  • Conservation

    By the end of the 19th century, Black Wildebeest populations were down to a few individuals on two farms in South Africa. This decline was due primarily to overhunting, habitat loss and disease. Today, Africa's population is estimated at 11,000 in South Africa and 7,000 in Namibia.

  • Black Wildebeest in Texas

    Black Wildebeest are relatively rare in Texas and in the United States as a whole. Because of their runner's temperament, they do not do well in zoos or small game parks. SMR is one of few locations to find a full breeding herd in Texas.

Black Wildebeest Range Map

range map of Black Wildebeest

Black Wildebeest Trophy Scoring (SCI)

Black Wildebeest hunts in Texas are scored for SCI in the category “North America Introduced.”

SCI Record Book Minimums

Rifle0"0"68 3/8"

Top 5 Rankings

RankScoreYear Taken
192 2/8"2012
285 2/8"2011
381 6/8"1995
481 0/8"2001
580 1/8"1997
overall rankings (all methods)

Scoring Method

METHOD 6 for Black Wildebeest
download the score sheet